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Certificate Redemption

How To Redeem Gift Certificates

Thank you for purchasing gift certificates at one of our many Gift-Liquidations retail kiosks. The gift certificates you have purchased will never expire and there are no hidden fees associated with our gift certificates that would allow depletion of the balance over time. Therefore, your gift certificates can be redeemed at any time! Our goal is to make redemption of the gift certificates as easy as possible.

The gift certificates can not be used on shipping, handling, or processing fees. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

The gift certificates are to be entered in the "View Cart" page before check out. To "View Cart" mouse over the "Shopping Cart" box in the right corner of the website. 




Wait for the drop down box to show your order and click the "View Cart" button.









On the "View Cart" page select the "Enter Gift Certificate" option in the "What would you like to do next?" box. Below is what to look for in the shopping cart to enter your gift certificate codes:


You can find your Pin Code on your Gift Certificate.

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