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A Real American Hero
Bufford Pusser is the Sheriff of a Tennessee County who must go against a former friend, and a group..
A Star is Born
A young woman comes to Hollywood with dreams of stardom, but achieves them only with the help of an ..
Adventures of Robin Hood: Vol. 1
Richard Greene played Robin Hood in this British television series (1955-1960), starring..
Africa Screams
Abbott & Costello search for diamonds in Africa, along the way meeting a visually-impaired gunne..
Africa Screams and Kid Dynamite (the East Side Kids) double feature
AFRICA SCREAMS This hilarious slapstick comedy is set in the deep dense jungles of Africa, in whi..
A mysterious millionaire buys an ad agency and begins to replace its employees with his own people, ..
Alexander (Directors Cut)
Alexander, the King of Macedonia and one of the greatest military leaders in the history of warfare,..
Amazing Adventure
A bored millionaire wagers his doctor that he can support himself at a working class job for year wi..
A look at the life of legendary American pilot Amelia Earhart, who disappeared while flying over the..
American Dreamz
The new season of "American Dreamz," the wildly popular television singing contest, has captured the..
Angel On My Shoulder
The Devil arranges for a deceased gangster to return to Earth as a well-respected judge to make up f..
Anna Karenina
A married woman's affair with a dashing young officer has tragic results.   Director: ..
Bail Out
Three bounty hunters run a deadly obstacle course to fortune and glory when they're hot on the trail..
Balls of Fury
Down-and-out former professional ping-pong phenom, Randy Daytona, is sucked into a maelstrom when FB..
Basic Football/C.C. & Company
A lot of comedy has come out of America's love affair with football. Here are two that are entirely ..
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