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Basic Football/C.C. & Company
Basic Football/C.C. & Company

Basic Football/C.C. & Company

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A lot of comedy has come out of America's love affair with football. Here are two that are entirely different, and yet somehow they do seem to have shades of each other delightful hoakiness. In BASIC FOOTBALL, Burt Reynolds explains football in a funny and easy-to-learn way, using tools such as graphics, animation, clips, and story-like segments. C.C. Ryder--an honest grease monkey (played with "aw-shucks" good-naturedness by Joe Namath)--is thrust into the rapacious, swarthy world of hog-riding when he joins hell-bound biker gang "The Heads". Shortly after his induction into the sleazy club, he averts the gang rape of Ann McCalley (Ann-Margaret), a fashion reporter sent to cover a motor sports event. Ann and C.C. are on their way to falling madly in love, much to the chagrin of "Heads" leader, Moon (William Smith). Mayhem and an adrenaline-pumping, high-stakes race across the desert ensue.

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