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What do you get when you pair Darth Maul and a former Power Ranger in a comic book style supernatural action flick about hired guns out to prevent hell on earth? It might look a little something like Hellbinders. A soulless mercenary, an elite assassin, and the last remaining member of the long dead Knights Templar must overcome their innate mistrust of each other and join forces to defeat Legion before it opens the gates of hell itself and overruns the entire world. Hellbinders is a fast paced comic book style action/horror film, super charged with a frenetic blend of Eastern action and Western mythology. Hellbinders stars Max, (Ray Park - Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode 1, Toad in X-Men, and Snake in G.I. Joe) as a slick, fast talking mercenary willing to risk everything for the almighty dollar. Now he may have met his match when he takes a job to terminate the devil himself. Max battles Ryu, (Johnny Yong Bosch Power Rangers) an elite assassin who has come to Los Angeles hunting a group of rogue Yakuza. In a brutal back alley confrontation, Ryu discovers the supernatural origin of their betrayal. The battle leaves him torn between his desire to confront the evil that threatens to overrun the world and his loyalty to the clan that has other designs for him. The low budget but visually ambitious action/horror hybrid took three directors: ex-stuntmen turned first time filmmakers Mitch Gould (who also wrote the script) and Hiro Koda, along with David Wald, a documentarian responsible for 2004's John Holmes: The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

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