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Secret File USA
Secret File USA

Secret File USA

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Filmed in Amsterdam in 1954 for television syndication in America, this early series features a major in US Army Intelligence (Robert Alda, real-life father of Alan Alda, who also appears in the series as a child) and his Cold War adventures: defusing a bomb meant to assassinate a bevy of dignitaries, foiling a counterfeit scheme, smashing an enemy bacteriological warfare laboratory, protecting a general targeted for abduction, disguising himself to infiltrate and destroy a spy ring, guarding a shipment of atomic missiles, sneaking into East Germany to free an American secret agent, enlisting the assistance of beautiful concert pianist Helene Van Loon (Agnes Bernelle) to expose an enemy agent, and so on. The show included Kay Callard as the major's wife and narration by Frank Gallup.

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